Thursday, May 28, 2009

Antibodies - Are Here EP PATAC-002

Track Listing:
1 Antibodies Are Hers
2 Blacked Out
3 Penis Intravenous
4 Gravedigger

Pressing Info:
100 Copies on Red Vinyl.
200 Copies on Green Vinyl.
200 Copies on Blue Vinyl.
5 Hand Numbered Test Presses.


from:punk rock,hardcore and ska music resource n review
the antibodies hailing from hyannis mass. tear things up with 4 songs of extreme balls to the wall punk rock on their 7 inch record"antibodies are here",and when you hear their first song"antibodies are here"they mean it and won't back down from their old school sound.their sound is very similiar to old c.o.c.(before they went crappy metal),fang and chaos u.k.,put this in your pipe and smoke it.definatley a fucking 10!,you can pick this up on patac song-blacked out
punk rock

REVIEW: (Razorcake Magazine 53)

ANTIBODIES: Are Here: 7"
This is a tough-sounding single from a tough-looking band. The Antibodies play burly mid-tempo punk rock with gruff vocals; four songs that reminded me of a slightly slowed down Bugs with odes to substance abuse and the epically titled "Penis Intravenous." I am somewhat of a connoisseur of the gross, funny, and juvenile, so I think this is great!-Ty Stranglehold


'ANTIBODIES ARE HERE’ Heavy and raw hardcore punk from Massachusetts that has a touch of the early Beer City sound – nice ‘n’ fast ‘n’ lo-fi, actually this really reminds me of an early Beer City 7” and that’s great! Just no-frills hardcore punk, simple as that – buzzsaw guitars, driving bass and drums and throaty vocals with a cool, obnoxious edge – all four cuts are winners and you can hear that these guys have a blast doing this and you can hear all kinds of influences in here from GG ALLIN to POISON IDEA to THE FREEZE and so many more – these guys ain’t young so they sure know their punk rock and that’s what it’s all about – who cares about the kids, what do they know?! Patac Records"