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There’s a new, vicious voice emerging from the East Coast when it comes to tough-as-nails, unapologetically DIY-driven indie labels.

Patac Records and its owner Dan Harrington are determined to be heard, releasing some of the rawest, most stripped down punk and hardcore, while also maintaining a healthy fetish for filthy, old school metal, as well.

Patac is finally beginning to get noticed,” explains Harrington, “and be taken seriously. It’s been a rocky road for sure, but I’ve built a strong home base in Boston with acts like Anal Cunt, Panzerbastard, For The Worse, etc. I’ve also been creating a strong following in California, as well, through acts like Executioner, which was an influential punk band back in 82, who hadn’t had a record out until now.”

“The only rule I have,” continues Dan proudly, “is that I will NEVER put out a record that I wouldn’t want to buy. I come from a primarily punk background, but I listen to a shitload of Venom and Motorhead, as well. I have plans to release garage, outlaw country, even a tribute to Screaming Jay Hawkins. I listen to everything, be it punk, metal, rock’n'roll, soul, blues, jazz… you name it. I love The Stooges, Dead Boys, Bolt Thrower, Throbbing Gristle and Leadbelly. Motorhead’s self-titled album may be the greatest album ever recorded. I am totally open to all types of music, but as far as the scene goes? Fuck it, I will never cater to them, but if someone likes my music, all the better!”

Fuck-it-all sentiments aside, Harrington has put a lot of work into getting Patac off the ground, as he reveals.

“Patac was a concept I’ve had for a long time. I was working at a record store, which automatically gives you the ‘under-appreciated music critic’ status in your own head. The name Patac started as a stupid joke—often I think of stupid song titles for shits and giggles—and one was ‘Punks and Thrashers Against Christ.’ I laughed and thought ‘that would be a kickass name for a label…’ Back in 2008, I was ready to start the label. I heard my friend Jared’s band Revilers demo, which would become the Isolation EP. It kicked me in the ass, and I was listening to a lot of UK Subs at the time, I pressed it on vinyl, and never looked back. Here I am, twelve releases under my belt, and still broke,
but that won’t stop me.”

On the subject of the initial obstacles and roadblocks, Harrington continues, “Everything was a struggle. Getting distribution, trading with other labels, advertising, reviews, it’s all extremely time consuming and costly. I went in with little to no knowledge, luckily I had help from Paul Sunderland of Give Praise Records; he works at a local print shop, and his feedback and guidance was instrumental in my success. Going into 2011, I’m distributed through Cockroach Media, which has gotten me a ton of exposure and product placement, as well as Ebullition, Revelation, and more. Patac isn’t a record label: it’s a big fucking middle finger pointing directly to the scene. To quote Maximum Rock ‘n Roll: ‘another reason to hate Boston.’ We will never cater to any one sound. I am sick of the trends, and the lack of creativity; we’re Patac, and we’re not going away.”

Further along on this sentiment, Harrington is also very firm in his resolve to remain staunchly indie and underground, though his sights seem very keen on the label’s growth and progression as a power.
“Right now, Patac is a one man show, but yes, sky is the limit. Recently, I’ve created a PR company called Distort, which provides affordable digital PR for upcoming acts and labels. I will be looking for contributing writers, and possibly internships and street teams in the future. I’m looking into distributing other labels through Cockroach, as well as expanding my web distro.”
The buck stops for Dan when it comes to being a launching pad for bands whose aims might aim for multi-million, platinum success, however.

“I don’t want to be a launching pad, fuck no. I’ve seen this happen to a lot of labels. I want to start consistently selling through releases with a primary focus on vinyl. Contracts are something I am now looking into, I have no qualms with an artist moving on, but I also want to cover my own ass. I know from my friend Mike that Equal Vision’s success got a huge boost by having a contract with Coheed and Cambria—who I hate—regardless, the label received a shitload of money from a major to buy them out of their contract. Buyouts are totally acceptable, since there is no way to calculate all the time and money you put into a label. Two years later, I have still not seen a return.”
Closing up shop on our chat, however, Dan’s mood turns positive for a moment, and reveals a bright, optimistic five year plan.

“I want to keep expanding, and hopefully introduce some people to new music. I want to bring some much needed integrity to the punk rock [and metal] scene[s].”

Written by MetalGeorge on October 13th, 2010

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Friday, October 1, 2010

New AC album available for preorder!

New Anal Cunt album available for preorder!
Seth Putnam unleashes Anal Cunt's "FUCKIN' A," the bands first cock-rock record!
First 100 orders will receive a signed 'xxx' photo of Seth Putnam and a groupie.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Official Response To Releasing Controversial Music

PATAC Records is a rock'n'roll label with true punk values. These days, punk rock seems to become more closed minded than ever before, and that is totally fucking dumb. My label plans on releasing punk'n'roll, noise, black metal, grind, hell even straightedge hardcore.
I've already received bullshit for agreeing to release an album by my friend Seth Putnam's band 'ANAL CUNT.' Take a fucking joke, enjoy the music, you may not understand or enjoy the humor of the lyrical content, and that is fine with me. I'm going to continue releasing crust'n'roll, but I am no way ashamed to support ANAL CUNT.
I love everything from CRASS and AMEBIX to Howlin' Wolf and Billie Holiday. If you're that quick to judge me and write me off as an asshole, that's fine, I'd rather not associate with a closed minded prick like you. Just ask yourself, when did punk rock become a witch hunt, when did we begin to alienate each other, instead of helping to promote and create a better scene.
Go post anonymously on a message board and talk shit. Fuck your cliques.

When did punk rock stop being fun for you?

cheers and beers,


PATAC Records will be releasing the new Anal Cunt (A.C.) album 'FUCKIN A' in September 2010.


That's right, Boston's (possibly the world's) most offensive and controversial band will be releasing a new album due to be released in September on PATAC Records. The first pressing will be 1000 cds in a limited digipak, followed by a vinyl pressing, a standard jewel case will then follow. 2011 will consist of consistant touring. Don't say that you were not warned...

preview two new tracks @ their Myspace page.

Here are the song titles....


Buy Official Anal Cunt T-shirts and Merchandise

Monday, June 21, 2010


PATAC 009 RESISTANT CULTURE All One Struggle LP (Gatefold on clear vinyl, will include a 24x36" poster limited edition, featuring Anthony Rezhawk the vocalist of TERRORIZER)

Co-release with:
Shaman Records
Seventh Generation Records Los Angeles,California USA
Profane Existance Records Minneapolis,MN USA
Bloody Lips Records Belgium,EUROPE
Underground Movement Records Ireland
Patac Records Massachusetts,USA
Anti-Corporate Music Inc.Nashville, Tennessee USA
Jornalero Records Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Artist:Resistant Culture

Title:All one Struggle

Label: PATAC/Shaman/Seventh Generation Records and others



Amount:1000 Copies

Release date is 05/31/2010

Track list:

-1 Beneath the Concrete
-2 Life Givers
-3 All one Struggle
-4 Animal Nations
-5 Community
-6 Runaway
-7 Mending the Hoop
-8 Natural Law
-9 Surviving in Darkness
-10 Ominous
-11 Warning Civilization Ahead
-12 Generations
-13 Stagnation
-14 Rise Above Despair
-15 Contamination
-16 New Sun
-17 The Return

We will be taking pre-orders for this limited mail order only.

Here is a few Reviews of What your getting for your money!!


RESISTANT CULTURE All One Struggle CD (Shaman/Seventh Generation Records)

Call me a hater, but being one who generally avoids scabies and bedbugs, I tend to avoid the crusty-punk panhandling masses. I prefer Shih Tzus and expensive microbrews over pitbulls and Sparks, thank you very much. After all, one doesn’t have to get in their van (the one that’s broke down behind your favorite taqueria where they just ate your leftover bits of burrito out of the dumpster) to enjoy the power of the D-beat!

Totally kidding! Say what you will about crust culture’s hygiene practices; their DIY, anarcho-punk political stances and long history of extreme punk metal hybrids are to be admired. And longtime crew Resistant Culture are one of the smarter and more respected of the pack: grindcore-flavored punk rock with constant pit-circling streams of D-beat goodness, but mixed with unexpected moments that pack in “tribal” bits such as Native American flute, percussion and chanting.

The L.A.-based band is led by Anthony Rezhawk, who may be best known for his killer vocal work on Terrorizer’s comeback album, Darker Days Ahead. The group also featured guitarist Jesse Pintado (the sadly recently deceased ex-member of Napalm Death) in a part-time capacity. Both these albums are smart and streamlined grind, featuring short and to-the-point blasts (meaning usually under three minutes, closer to two) of government-hating fury. Welcome to Reality, the faster and more ballistic of the two, is a re-release that features Pintado on axe (plus a killer Discharge cover of “Hear Nothing, Say Nothing”); All One Struggle, their newest, is equally as killing, just more varied in tempos. Potent high-grade crust explosives—pull the pin and run!

From Terrorizer Magazine

RESISTANT CULTURE All One Struggle CD (Shaman/Seventh Generation Records)

Now tragically without ex-Nalpalm Death/Terrorizer man Jesse Pintado, the reservation's most fearsome tribal crustgrind collective soldier on regardless under the leadership of the "Darker Days Ahead" Terrorizer vocalist Anthony Rezhawk in a war on the great callous, concrete devourer that's gobbling up liberties and livelihood, and shitting out pollutants and poverty.

The songwriting's far tighter than its predecessor, which seemed to stop far more often than necessary to have lovely, haunting flute moments as if it were taking in a picnic spot on a long motorway journey. Instead the chants, hooting owls(!) and traditional Native American instruments are absorbed into some orthodox Bolt Thrower-brand grinding death. The lyrics, which take big spoonfuls of tribal spirituality and indignant anarchopunk only add to the fearsome, atmospheric and apocalyptic end result; the soundtrack to the world you've just destroyed.

Listen to first track (From New Upcoming Album) on at the link below:

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EXECUTIONER - HELLBOUND EP out now!!! 1982 San Jose Hardcore Punk

It's not often that one stumbles across an unknown, undiscovered gem from the golden age of California hardcore, but that's the case with this debut release from a band that went their separate ways over 25 years ago. Formed in San Jose in 1982, Executioner's music was hard, fast, tight and loud. It contained "taboo" extended guitar solos and stop-on-a-dime tempo changes. They sounded like nobody else. A mix of hardcore West Coast punk rock, speed metal (before there WAS such a thing) and the larynx-shredding assault of singer Dave Burk's vocal missives, their music commanded attention. And they got it. A bootleg cassette of their song "Fix Me/Hellbound" became the number one requested cut on the legendary underground station KFJC for the entire year 1983. It was the number two most requested song on San Francisco's mainstream station KQAK (The Quake) the following year. All with absolutely no promotion, just word of mouth.
But by that time they had called it quits, victims of their own teenage attention spans, the then-current ethos of slackerdom, and perhaps a few too many encounters with illicit substances. Their recordings sat unreleased for over two and a half decades, kept alive only by the 4th and 5th generation cassette dubs that kept on making the rounds in the following years as their legend grew. Until now...
Patac Records is proud to release Executioner's long awaited debut "Hellbound."
Members of Executioner went on to work with such diverse artists as Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), Guns n' Roses, 22 Jacks, Black Francis (Pixies), Throbbing Gristle, The Offs, Pete Yorn, and many others. Catch them here in their formative years, and prepare to be blown away.

Cover art by
Winston Smith (DEAD KENNEDYS, GREEN DAY, LARD, BEN HARPER) Later this year, PATAC will also be releasing their lost 1983 album, as well as a brand new single!


Executioner was a band for the first generation of San Jose, CA hardcore back in the very early 1980s. They were very short-lived but from everything I’ve read, they made quite an impact at the time, especially for a band who didn’t put out any records. They had recorded a full album’s worth of material but for some reason none of it was ever released aside from people who had a tape of it and passed it around the world countless times. Patac Records struck gold with finding out that the material had survived and after 28 years Executioner finally has a record out.

The music of Executioner is classic early hardcore. The songs are hard, fast, heavy and short. Hundreds of bands copied this style in the years to come but this band was at the first part of the curve. There’s a small bit of British punk influence in the sound and the very tiniest hint of metal in the guitars that only just makes the sound heavier, and isn’t remotely reminiscent of the metal that would infect hardcore three years later. The vocals are yelled and the singer has a great harsh, throat full of gravel vocal sound that was perfect for this style of hardcore. Had this record come out in this form 28 years ago I could guarantee you it would have been pretty influential and people would be paying big money for them on eBay these days along with their early Dischord and Touch and Go singles.

When you listen to this record and put it in the context of when it was recorded, it is a prime piece of hardcore that is a must have for any fan of the genre. As an old punk rocker who grew up on this stuff, I can tell you had this come out when I was a teenager it would have been one of the many soundtracks of my skateboarding and hardcore youth.

The record was pressed on red vinyl and contains four songs. It is housed in a full color fold-over sleeve that is also printed on the inside in two colors with the lyrics and photos. It also contains an old show flyer that has liner notes and stories about the band printed on the opposite side. It’s really a nice package which makes this punk rock artifact all the more worth owning. This is truly a must for fans of old hardcore and punk historians.

Executioner – Hellbound

A recently unearthed early hardcore artifact that any fan of early punk should be thankful for.



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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Return of Boston's Godfathers of Grind PSYCHO New 7" EP!

PATAC Records is excited to announce the details uof the upcoming PSYCHO EP! This May will mark the triumphant return and the 30th anniversary of this legendary band. The first pressing will consist of 600 'Buzzsaw' die cut 7"s, 150 on red, 450 black. This recording was made in November 2009 featuring Johnny X on guitar, Charlie Infection on drums, Ed Lynch on bass and Cody Molest on vocals.

1. Vertigo
2. Animal
3. Religious
4. Legalize Murder (words by GG Allin, music by PSYCHO.

In October 2006, Psycho started jamming again. We weren’t sure if we were going to do more than a handful of shows because we thought maybe our time had come and gone. However, in May of ’06 we played our first show with this line-up in seventeen years. It went well and the rest is history. We got a new singer in 2009 to go with the core line-up from the late 80’s. These are the first real recordings of new Psycho material since ’96 except for a few comp tracks we did in 2008 for the DC Jam Skate comp.

Johnny X

Friday, January 22, 2010

PANZERBASTARD 2006-2009 CD Reviews!

Interview in Deaf Sparrow

from TERRORIZER! magazine - UK

There are a few reference points to consider when forming a thrashtastic crust band; the chief one being how much do you want to sound like Discharge, Motorhead and Extreme Noise Terror. The answer, of course, is as much as possible, and all these legendary noise exploiters are to be found splattered across the songs in this collection of EPs by Boston's brilliantly named Panzerbastard. There are also whispers of black metal and a touch of early Anthrax lurking in the d-beat mayhem. The difference between Panzerbastard and the millions of d-beat/crust thrashers is that they have a quality control button turned way up to the highest setting; so no poorly recorded, loose, chaotic punk thrash here, just well-produced, tight, aggressive, hardcore motorcrust, full of slam dancing, headbanging, fist in the air qualities that shoot to kill at twenty paces.
8 out of 10. -Alex Boniwell Issue #194
From TERRORIZER Issue #190

from LORDS OF METAL - Netherlands
PanzerBastard - 2006-2009
Patac Records
file under Punk / Hardcore
PanzerBastard - 2006-2009Koen: Please note that “PanzerBastard are NOT a political band so fuck off to Antifa and all the cunts out there spreading rumours about us because we didn't vote for Obama or because we're not a bunch of pants pissing liberals... If hating EVERYONE makes you racist/political, then we're guilty as charged!! We're politically incorrect and proud!” Now we settled this, I guess there will be no more controversy about the band name anymore.

Patac Records send us ‘2006-2009’ which is a compilation CD / vinyl album that holds the 2009 ‘Hell Gate’ EP, the 2008 ‘Bastards Die Hard’ demo and the 2006 ‘Boston Demo’. The band features (ex-) members of Wrecking Crew, Ramallah, Betrayal among others and is fucking great! PanzerBastard plays furious metallic hardcore. These guys are pissed and they want everyone to know about it. This is Boston style mid-tempo hardcore with barked out vocals that hit you like a fist in the face and sound so astounding they could splinter glass.

The conclusion is simple: this CD is highly recommended for everyone who is a fan of music in its heaviest form. If you can’t find it in stores, check out PanzerBastard’s My Space page[/ur] or Patac Records’ [url=]webstore.
Rating: 87/100 (details)


Patac Records

The years 2006 through 2009 means the release of three EP's for PanzerBastard, all of which can be found on this disc, along with a cover of "Ace of spades".

With a hint of crust, some d-beat hardcore, and a healthy dose of metal riffs Boston's PanzerBastard have cooked together the five tracks that is their latest Hell Gate E.P.. These tracks were recorded in 2009 and compared to the other songs on here it's their "slowest" (if you can call something that includes the occasional black metal reeking blast beat for slow?), but also most rocking and Snaggletooth a.k.a. Warpig approved material. Feet wide apart, the guitars hung low, and at least one member wearing a Venom shirt.

The following eight tracks, including intro and outro, are taken from their 2008 Bastards Die Hard E.P. and are far more intense. I can't help but draw comparisons to other Boston band Toxic Narcotic when it comes to the speed and on-a-rampage styled drumming, but with more rock and/or roll. The tempo varies a bit on here, but mostly remains in the fast, or faster, areas where some grind have been included in the mix. I'm also reminded of Total Fucking Hate-era Driller Killer in the track "Panzerbastard", and "Apocalyptic requiem" is a sort of Scandicrust vs. blast beat styled number.
Oddly enough it's their most ferocious track "No gods" that's also their longest, clocking in at close to five minutes, instead of one of their more rocking tunes.

The last five tracks consist of their debut Boston 7" from 2007 and the already mentioned "Ace of spades" cover. None of these tracks are too interesting as they're quite poorly recorded in comparison, and I find myself rather jumping back to the first track instead of finishing the disc.

For a long time I leaned towards calling the Hell Gate E.P. their best material, but I'm more and more coming around to the second one, the Bastards Die Hard E.P., as it's got more variety and combines both the rock and the fury in a good way.
At an early stage I honestly didn't think this disc would stick as much as it did, but it managed to grab hold quite hard with tracks like already mentioned "Panzerbastard", "No gods", but also "The gift of desperation" and crust-riffing "Grave robber".

Krogh - January 21, 2010


PanzerBastard are doing punk the way it should be done. Fast, angry, unpretentious and aggressive music with a heavy dose of metal influence and a tinge of hardcore. 2006-2009 is a compilation of this Boston outfit's releases to date. The first five songs are from their Hell Gate EP, songs six through thirteen are from the Bastards Die Hard EP, and fourteen through seventeen are from their Boston 7", with a bonus cover of Motorhead's Ace of Spades to close things out.
The production on this record is raw and professional, except for the Boston 7", which sounds like it was recorded on an open mic in somebody's house, but every track, regardless of the production, is tight, heavy, and aggressive as hell. The guitars sound like meaty chainsaws ripping through skulls. The vocals are angry and expressive, the riffs are catchy and brutal, the drums are ridiculously fast and heavy. PB plays every note and screams every word with a seething conviction that explodes through the speakers with an intense energy that will make you want to smash the guy next to you then pick him up and give him a hug and a beer. I was very pleased to find out that this band is still alive and well, playing up and down the north east. My next goal is to head to one of their shows, pump my fist and bang my head, then shake their hands and thank them for the stiff neck I'd recovering from over the next three days.

Rating System

Thrash Magazine's overall rating system is based on the following criteria. PanzerBastard received a 8.7 because of the following:

Instrumental Rating (1-30): 28
Vocal Rating (1-30): 27
Lyrical Rating (1-25): 20
Presentation Rating (1-15): 12


Label: PATAC Records
Year released: 2009
Duration: 49:09
Tracks: 18
Genre: Thrash Metal

Rating: 4/5

Review online: December 18, 2009
Reviewed by: Mike Henn
June 6th, 2006, was a fateful day for Heavy Metal. For the first time since metal's birth, the dates have aligned to form a sort of tribute to the eternal muse down below… 06-06-06. On this day, Slayer promised to release their new album, Christ Illusion, but bureaucratic setbacks pushed the release back to August. Determined to make the once in a life time chance mean something, Slayer promised to kick off their highly anticipated Unholy Alliance Tour on that day, but Tom Araya's gallbladder surgery pushed that back a week as well. So the fateful day went by with very little happening in the world of metal since one of the biggest bands managed to not pull through with any of their promises. Essentially the only thing that happened was that this was the day when Boston's PanzerBastard took form, and while this isn't quite as momentous an occasion as anything Slayer could've done (as shitty as Christ Illusion was), PanzerBastard delivers some extremely fast and solid Thrash.
2006 – 2009 is a compilation of three earlier demos, Hell Gate, Bastards Die Hard, and Boston. Personally, I find the Bastards Die Hard material to be the best of the lot, disregarding the asinine intro and outro that both consist of essentially one riff repeated over and over again for a few minutes. "No God(s)", "PanzerBastard", and "Bastards Die Hard" are probably the best tracks on the whole compilation, it's just coincidence they all happen to be from the same demo. While some of the musicians have a background in hardcore and punk, not very much manages to seep through. This is Crossover of the thrashiest kind, and the hardcore vocals and blast beats never take away from the almighty riff (the latter actually improves most sections it appears in). Honestly, this reminds me of St. Louis retro-thrashers, Head on Collision; the main difference there being that I can listen to PanzerBastard for more than three songs at a time without getting bored. I'd say check this out. It's nothing revolutionary, but it's solid, thrashing, headbanging fun without some lame gimmick tacked on in order to make it entertaining like so many other new Thrash bands have done.


REVIEW from Hardcore Holocaust (

" PANZER BASTARD - Boston 7" Metallic hardcore with a sound similar to Genocide SS meets mid period Slayer. Their debut ep, featuring 4 tracks. "

REVIEW from Sorry State Records ( " Easily one of the most brutal crust records I've heard in ages. This sounds like Totalitar playing through Skitsystem's equipment... in other words, it has that crust-meets-80s-hc vibe that I LOVE, but the dense, noisy-as-fuck production of a killer death metal record. Trust me on this one, this shit is POWERFUL. Sorry about the price, but this bad boy came all the way from Hungary (even though the band is from Boston). Fighting Boys Records. "

Review from NO FRONT TEETH (UK)

PANZERBASTARD – ‘2006-2009’ CD
This CD collects 17 songs from 3 PANZERBASTARDS EPs: ‘Hell Gate’, ‘Bastards Die Hard’, and ‘Boston’ released between 2006 and 2009 plus bonus cover of ‘Ace Of Spades’. Boston’s PANZERBASTARD play fast and aggressive hardcore punk with a dose of ‘80’s thrash metal and crust injected in, think a brutal blend of TOTALITAR, early SLAYER, MOTORHEAD, GANG GREEN, DISCHARGE, SUBHUMANS and VENOM…yeah, it’s powerful and fierce as hell and all delivered with pure punk rock vulgarity... these guys don’t give a shit and aren’t afraid to ruffle some feathers that’s for sure. An absolutely killer collection here and absolutely recommended – even if you have the 7”s already. Killer art too.
Patac Records


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

NEW Distro Titles

86 Mentality - S/T $4.25
Acid Reflux - S/T $4.25
Agnostic Front - United Blood $6.25
Citizens Patrol - Sick Routine E.P. $4.49
Cruel Hand - Life in Shambles $4.99 (maroon)
Direct Control - Nuclear Tomorrow E.P. $4.25
Double Negative - Raw Energy (clear vinyl) $4.99
FEAR - Now Your Dead / I Love Livin In The City (green vinyl) $7.99
Fucked Up / Haymaker $4.99
For The Worse - The Chaos Continues $4.99 (yellow)
Groinoids - Radiobeat Sessions $6.99
Massgrave / Global Holocaust $4.99
Massgrave / Poser Disposer $4.99
Nitad - Ge Oss Mer $4.99
NITAD - Nu Borjar Minnena Komma Tillbaka $4.99
Toxic Holocaust - Gravelord $6.99

7 Seconds - New Wind $9.99
7 Seconds - Walk Together Rock Together $9.99
Agnostic Front - Victim In Pain (Limited Edition Gatefold) $14.49
Amebix - Arise + 2 $13.99
Amebix - No Sanctuary + 7" $15.99
Dead Ones - S/T $4.99
FEAR - The Record (180 Gram) $14.99
Haymaker - Demo LP $14.99
Inepsy - Rock'N'Roll Babylon $12.99
Kvoteringen - Bister Prognos $11.99
Morne - Untold Wait $12.99
Morne / Warprayer - Split $11.99
Nitad - Ibland Kan Man Inte Hindra Sig Själv $12.99
Razors In The Night - Carry On! 10" (SPLATTER VINYL) $14.00
S.O.D. - Speak English or Die $12.99
Stormcrow / Mass Grave - Split (gatefold) $12.99


Anal Cunt - Morbid Florist $8.99
Attack of the Mad Axeman - Grind the Enimal $8.99
Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution $9.99
Death Breath - Let It Stink $6.99
Disfear - Live The Storm $9.99
Disrupt - Unrest $10.99
Driller Killer - Total Fuckin Brutalized $8.99
Hellbastard - Eco War $8.99
Hellbastard - The Need to Kill $10.99
Hirax - El Rostro De La Muerte $9.99
Koro - Speed Kills + $9.99
Misery - Early Years $7.99
Misery / Extinction of Mankind - Split $7.99
Nasum - Grind Finale 2xCD $12.99
Repulsion - Horrified 2xCD $11.99
Rotten Sound - Murderworks $9.99
Skrupel - S/T $8.99
Stormcrow / Massgrave $9.99
Weekend Nachos - Punish and Destroy/Torture $11.99

Hammer and the Nails - Demo $4.99
Unbroken Bones - Demo $3.99