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PANZERBASTARD 2006-2009 CD Reviews!

Interview in Deaf Sparrow

from TERRORIZER! magazine - UK

There are a few reference points to consider when forming a thrashtastic crust band; the chief one being how much do you want to sound like Discharge, Motorhead and Extreme Noise Terror. The answer, of course, is as much as possible, and all these legendary noise exploiters are to be found splattered across the songs in this collection of EPs by Boston's brilliantly named Panzerbastard. There are also whispers of black metal and a touch of early Anthrax lurking in the d-beat mayhem. The difference between Panzerbastard and the millions of d-beat/crust thrashers is that they have a quality control button turned way up to the highest setting; so no poorly recorded, loose, chaotic punk thrash here, just well-produced, tight, aggressive, hardcore motorcrust, full of slam dancing, headbanging, fist in the air qualities that shoot to kill at twenty paces.
8 out of 10. -Alex Boniwell Issue #194
From TERRORIZER Issue #190

from LORDS OF METAL - Netherlands
PanzerBastard - 2006-2009
Patac Records
file under Punk / Hardcore
PanzerBastard - 2006-2009Koen: Please note that “PanzerBastard are NOT a political band so fuck off to Antifa and all the cunts out there spreading rumours about us because we didn't vote for Obama or because we're not a bunch of pants pissing liberals... If hating EVERYONE makes you racist/political, then we're guilty as charged!! We're politically incorrect and proud!” Now we settled this, I guess there will be no more controversy about the band name anymore.

Patac Records send us ‘2006-2009’ which is a compilation CD / vinyl album that holds the 2009 ‘Hell Gate’ EP, the 2008 ‘Bastards Die Hard’ demo and the 2006 ‘Boston Demo’. The band features (ex-) members of Wrecking Crew, Ramallah, Betrayal among others and is fucking great! PanzerBastard plays furious metallic hardcore. These guys are pissed and they want everyone to know about it. This is Boston style mid-tempo hardcore with barked out vocals that hit you like a fist in the face and sound so astounding they could splinter glass.

The conclusion is simple: this CD is highly recommended for everyone who is a fan of music in its heaviest form. If you can’t find it in stores, check out PanzerBastard’s My Space page[/ur] or Patac Records’ [url=]webstore.
Rating: 87/100 (details)


Patac Records

The years 2006 through 2009 means the release of three EP's for PanzerBastard, all of which can be found on this disc, along with a cover of "Ace of spades".

With a hint of crust, some d-beat hardcore, and a healthy dose of metal riffs Boston's PanzerBastard have cooked together the five tracks that is their latest Hell Gate E.P.. These tracks were recorded in 2009 and compared to the other songs on here it's their "slowest" (if you can call something that includes the occasional black metal reeking blast beat for slow?), but also most rocking and Snaggletooth a.k.a. Warpig approved material. Feet wide apart, the guitars hung low, and at least one member wearing a Venom shirt.

The following eight tracks, including intro and outro, are taken from their 2008 Bastards Die Hard E.P. and are far more intense. I can't help but draw comparisons to other Boston band Toxic Narcotic when it comes to the speed and on-a-rampage styled drumming, but with more rock and/or roll. The tempo varies a bit on here, but mostly remains in the fast, or faster, areas where some grind have been included in the mix. I'm also reminded of Total Fucking Hate-era Driller Killer in the track "Panzerbastard", and "Apocalyptic requiem" is a sort of Scandicrust vs. blast beat styled number.
Oddly enough it's their most ferocious track "No gods" that's also their longest, clocking in at close to five minutes, instead of one of their more rocking tunes.

The last five tracks consist of their debut Boston 7" from 2007 and the already mentioned "Ace of spades" cover. None of these tracks are too interesting as they're quite poorly recorded in comparison, and I find myself rather jumping back to the first track instead of finishing the disc.

For a long time I leaned towards calling the Hell Gate E.P. their best material, but I'm more and more coming around to the second one, the Bastards Die Hard E.P., as it's got more variety and combines both the rock and the fury in a good way.
At an early stage I honestly didn't think this disc would stick as much as it did, but it managed to grab hold quite hard with tracks like already mentioned "Panzerbastard", "No gods", but also "The gift of desperation" and crust-riffing "Grave robber".

Krogh - January 21, 2010


PanzerBastard are doing punk the way it should be done. Fast, angry, unpretentious and aggressive music with a heavy dose of metal influence and a tinge of hardcore. 2006-2009 is a compilation of this Boston outfit's releases to date. The first five songs are from their Hell Gate EP, songs six through thirteen are from the Bastards Die Hard EP, and fourteen through seventeen are from their Boston 7", with a bonus cover of Motorhead's Ace of Spades to close things out.
The production on this record is raw and professional, except for the Boston 7", which sounds like it was recorded on an open mic in somebody's house, but every track, regardless of the production, is tight, heavy, and aggressive as hell. The guitars sound like meaty chainsaws ripping through skulls. The vocals are angry and expressive, the riffs are catchy and brutal, the drums are ridiculously fast and heavy. PB plays every note and screams every word with a seething conviction that explodes through the speakers with an intense energy that will make you want to smash the guy next to you then pick him up and give him a hug and a beer. I was very pleased to find out that this band is still alive and well, playing up and down the north east. My next goal is to head to one of their shows, pump my fist and bang my head, then shake their hands and thank them for the stiff neck I'd recovering from over the next three days.

Rating System

Thrash Magazine's overall rating system is based on the following criteria. PanzerBastard received a 8.7 because of the following:

Instrumental Rating (1-30): 28
Vocal Rating (1-30): 27
Lyrical Rating (1-25): 20
Presentation Rating (1-15): 12


Label: PATAC Records
Year released: 2009
Duration: 49:09
Tracks: 18
Genre: Thrash Metal

Rating: 4/5

Review online: December 18, 2009
Reviewed by: Mike Henn
June 6th, 2006, was a fateful day for Heavy Metal. For the first time since metal's birth, the dates have aligned to form a sort of tribute to the eternal muse down below… 06-06-06. On this day, Slayer promised to release their new album, Christ Illusion, but bureaucratic setbacks pushed the release back to August. Determined to make the once in a life time chance mean something, Slayer promised to kick off their highly anticipated Unholy Alliance Tour on that day, but Tom Araya's gallbladder surgery pushed that back a week as well. So the fateful day went by with very little happening in the world of metal since one of the biggest bands managed to not pull through with any of their promises. Essentially the only thing that happened was that this was the day when Boston's PanzerBastard took form, and while this isn't quite as momentous an occasion as anything Slayer could've done (as shitty as Christ Illusion was), PanzerBastard delivers some extremely fast and solid Thrash.
2006 – 2009 is a compilation of three earlier demos, Hell Gate, Bastards Die Hard, and Boston. Personally, I find the Bastards Die Hard material to be the best of the lot, disregarding the asinine intro and outro that both consist of essentially one riff repeated over and over again for a few minutes. "No God(s)", "PanzerBastard", and "Bastards Die Hard" are probably the best tracks on the whole compilation, it's just coincidence they all happen to be from the same demo. While some of the musicians have a background in hardcore and punk, not very much manages to seep through. This is Crossover of the thrashiest kind, and the hardcore vocals and blast beats never take away from the almighty riff (the latter actually improves most sections it appears in). Honestly, this reminds me of St. Louis retro-thrashers, Head on Collision; the main difference there being that I can listen to PanzerBastard for more than three songs at a time without getting bored. I'd say check this out. It's nothing revolutionary, but it's solid, thrashing, headbanging fun without some lame gimmick tacked on in order to make it entertaining like so many other new Thrash bands have done.


REVIEW from Hardcore Holocaust (

" PANZER BASTARD - Boston 7" Metallic hardcore with a sound similar to Genocide SS meets mid period Slayer. Their debut ep, featuring 4 tracks. "

REVIEW from Sorry State Records ( " Easily one of the most brutal crust records I've heard in ages. This sounds like Totalitar playing through Skitsystem's equipment... in other words, it has that crust-meets-80s-hc vibe that I LOVE, but the dense, noisy-as-fuck production of a killer death metal record. Trust me on this one, this shit is POWERFUL. Sorry about the price, but this bad boy came all the way from Hungary (even though the band is from Boston). Fighting Boys Records. "

Review from NO FRONT TEETH (UK)

PANZERBASTARD – ‘2006-2009’ CD
This CD collects 17 songs from 3 PANZERBASTARDS EPs: ‘Hell Gate’, ‘Bastards Die Hard’, and ‘Boston’ released between 2006 and 2009 plus bonus cover of ‘Ace Of Spades’. Boston’s PANZERBASTARD play fast and aggressive hardcore punk with a dose of ‘80’s thrash metal and crust injected in, think a brutal blend of TOTALITAR, early SLAYER, MOTORHEAD, GANG GREEN, DISCHARGE, SUBHUMANS and VENOM…yeah, it’s powerful and fierce as hell and all delivered with pure punk rock vulgarity... these guys don’t give a shit and aren’t afraid to ruffle some feathers that’s for sure. An absolutely killer collection here and absolutely recommended – even if you have the 7”s already. Killer art too.
Patac Records