Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Official Response To Releasing Controversial Music

PATAC Records is a rock'n'roll label with true punk values. These days, punk rock seems to become more closed minded than ever before, and that is totally fucking dumb. My label plans on releasing punk'n'roll, noise, black metal, grind, hell even straightedge hardcore.
I've already received bullshit for agreeing to release an album by my friend Seth Putnam's band 'ANAL CUNT.' Take a fucking joke, enjoy the music, you may not understand or enjoy the humor of the lyrical content, and that is fine with me. I'm going to continue releasing crust'n'roll, but I am no way ashamed to support ANAL CUNT.
I love everything from CRASS and AMEBIX to Howlin' Wolf and Billie Holiday. If you're that quick to judge me and write me off as an asshole, that's fine, I'd rather not associate with a closed minded prick like you. Just ask yourself, when did punk rock become a witch hunt, when did we begin to alienate each other, instead of helping to promote and create a better scene.
Go post anonymously on a message board and talk shit. Fuck your cliques.

When did punk rock stop being fun for you?

cheers and beers,