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PATAC 009 RESISTANT CULTURE All One Struggle LP (Gatefold on clear vinyl, will include a 24x36" poster limited edition, featuring Anthony Rezhawk the vocalist of TERRORIZER)

Co-release with:
Shaman Records
Seventh Generation Records Los Angeles,California USA
Profane Existance Records Minneapolis,MN USA
Bloody Lips Records Belgium,EUROPE
Underground Movement Records Ireland
Patac Records Massachusetts,USA
Anti-Corporate Music Inc.Nashville, Tennessee USA
Jornalero Records Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Artist:Resistant Culture

Title:All one Struggle

Label: PATAC/Shaman/Seventh Generation Records and others



Amount:1000 Copies

Release date is 05/31/2010

Track list:

-1 Beneath the Concrete
-2 Life Givers
-3 All one Struggle
-4 Animal Nations
-5 Community
-6 Runaway
-7 Mending the Hoop
-8 Natural Law
-9 Surviving in Darkness
-10 Ominous
-11 Warning Civilization Ahead
-12 Generations
-13 Stagnation
-14 Rise Above Despair
-15 Contamination
-16 New Sun
-17 The Return

We will be taking pre-orders for this limited mail order only.

Here is a few Reviews of What your getting for your money!!


RESISTANT CULTURE All One Struggle CD (Shaman/Seventh Generation Records)

Call me a hater, but being one who generally avoids scabies and bedbugs, I tend to avoid the crusty-punk panhandling masses. I prefer Shih Tzus and expensive microbrews over pitbulls and Sparks, thank you very much. After all, one doesn’t have to get in their van (the one that’s broke down behind your favorite taqueria where they just ate your leftover bits of burrito out of the dumpster) to enjoy the power of the D-beat!

Totally kidding! Say what you will about crust culture’s hygiene practices; their DIY, anarcho-punk political stances and long history of extreme punk metal hybrids are to be admired. And longtime crew Resistant Culture are one of the smarter and more respected of the pack: grindcore-flavored punk rock with constant pit-circling streams of D-beat goodness, but mixed with unexpected moments that pack in “tribal” bits such as Native American flute, percussion and chanting.

The L.A.-based band is led by Anthony Rezhawk, who may be best known for his killer vocal work on Terrorizer’s comeback album, Darker Days Ahead. The group also featured guitarist Jesse Pintado (the sadly recently deceased ex-member of Napalm Death) in a part-time capacity. Both these albums are smart and streamlined grind, featuring short and to-the-point blasts (meaning usually under three minutes, closer to two) of government-hating fury. Welcome to Reality, the faster and more ballistic of the two, is a re-release that features Pintado on axe (plus a killer Discharge cover of “Hear Nothing, Say Nothing”); All One Struggle, their newest, is equally as killing, just more varied in tempos. Potent high-grade crust explosives—pull the pin and run!

From Terrorizer Magazine

RESISTANT CULTURE All One Struggle CD (Shaman/Seventh Generation Records)

Now tragically without ex-Nalpalm Death/Terrorizer man Jesse Pintado, the reservation's most fearsome tribal crustgrind collective soldier on regardless under the leadership of the "Darker Days Ahead" Terrorizer vocalist Anthony Rezhawk in a war on the great callous, concrete devourer that's gobbling up liberties and livelihood, and shitting out pollutants and poverty.

The songwriting's far tighter than its predecessor, which seemed to stop far more often than necessary to have lovely, haunting flute moments as if it were taking in a picnic spot on a long motorway journey. Instead the chants, hooting owls(!) and traditional Native American instruments are absorbed into some orthodox Bolt Thrower-brand grinding death. The lyrics, which take big spoonfuls of tribal spirituality and indignant anarchopunk only add to the fearsome, atmospheric and apocalyptic end result; the soundtrack to the world you've just destroyed.

Listen to first track (From New Upcoming Album) on at the link below:

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