Sunday, June 26, 2011

Milo's Syndicate - War is Peace CD distributed through PATAC

Recorded back in 2009, Milo's Syndicate 'War Is Peace' finally sees the light of day. Tight, aggressive pissed off Boston hardcore with tons of melodic Oi influence and vicious hardcore grit.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seth Putnam, goodbye my friend.

I'm still in shock. I didn't want to believe the news when Tim Morse called me yesterday afternoon.  One of the best people I have ever met, is no longer with us.  Seth Putnam and I had only become close a couple years ago, but it seems like i've known him for decades.

I'll always remember the good times, driving around blaring Death (Detroit), Slaughter, Motley Crue and Motorhead screaming at the top of our lungs and destroying inanimate objects.  Pounding scorpion bowls and cracking each other up until we thought our ribs would shatter.  Whether people enjoyed your music or got your sense of humor, it didn't matter, you were a man who was 100% passionate about his music, loved life and loved his friends even more. 

I'm not going to say goodbye, just thanks.  Thanks for all the good times, knowing you has made me a better person.  I dedicate this song to you, I don't even remember how many times we listened to this disc on tour, it was so scratched it sounded like a power electronics noise record.

Till we meet again pal, save me a stool at the bar, i'm gonna buy a few rounds of kamikazes and i'll have a few stories to tell you.


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Saturday, June 4, 2011

FISTULA - LOSER 12" Vinyl EP to be released on PATAC Records.

Sludge fiends FISTULA have pulled themselves up out of the gutter they call home and hooked up with Boston's mighty Patac Records to release the Loser EP. This brand-new 12" is due out in September.

According to Fistula ringleader Corey Bing, “It’s very dark and sad, twisted humor, dense, heavy, tuned LOW. It sounds like THE HOUNDS: old metal, VENOM style with GBH undertones. It sounds like DEATH playing hopscotch with the apocalypse while finger-bangin’ AUTOPSY.”


The six-song record features the band's trademark sickening guitar tone, agonized vocals, and wretched attitude, worshipping as always upon the bloodstained altars of CELTIC FROST, WINTER, EYEHATEGOD and BUZZ*OVEN

Following in Fistula's long-running tradition of all-out chaos and confusion, the Loser EP features an updated lineup - a nasty cast of characters drawn from the likes of ANAL CUNT(drummer Nate Linehan) and KING FIRE GOAT (Steve Barcus, vocals) alongside the OG members.

At the heart of Fistula are guitarist/main man Corey Bing (who sings, plays guitar, and/or drums on some releases, depending on who’s flaking out at the moment) and bassist Bahb Branca, the toxic twins of sludge metal, blood brothers who have been to hell and back together. They started the band in 1998, and live a little cave in Cleveland, Ohio called The Fistula House. And, yeah, being the good guys in a world of shit, they have problems. We won’t name names, but a quick look at these guys’ lives over the last year, and it’s like the kind of shit you’d hear at a 12-step meeting. Divorce. Dependency. Depression. Destruction. Shit just got worse.
Some people hammered away at Fistula like they were trying to make ‘em quit. But they didn’t. The band is back. Holy shit, are they back.

“We had our ups and downs,” says Bing. “But shit is ON."

LOSER will be unleashed in September, 500 copies with poster and digital download.  Art by Eric from GRIEF.

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