Sunday, November 13, 2011

OUT NOW: RAWHIDE - Branded for Life EP Vinyl Details + Press

Now available on vinyl with download code, or as a 'pay what you want' download. 

"Lets see now... Motorhead while technically English now for all intents and purposes are an LA band. Turbonegro lost its primo front man, so someone has to take up the fight be the crown prince's of PBR fueled motor-rock so it might as well be up to Sweden's Rawhide. Motor-rock are bands who's music is guitar heavy, Motorhead worshiping, cars,beer swilling,outlaw style music. Think Zeke, early Supersuckers, Black Knots, American Speedway. I love this shit!!! Right up my alley and since Europe has few bands playing this purely American style rock n roll these days Rawhide might as well go for it."

"Taking a page out of the careers of Birth A.D. and Hellacopters, Swedish rock'n'roll brigade Rawhide break away from their other jobs in more overbearing bands to try their hand at some good old Gearhead-style rock on Branded For Life. Still, they do more than just tear shit down; they deconstruct it to the point of stripped nuts and broken bolts by pulling from the influence of death punks Turbonegro, balls-out grit gurus New Bomb Turks, the explosive Hookers and the almighty Motörhead. Harkening back to the explosive, pelvic dominance of Red Hot Lovers colliding against Bitchin' Camaros, Branded For Life is a grinding assault of barrelling punk rock'n'roll injected with enough malicious metal to ensure there's even more danger, intensity and cacophony than one would typically expect. Bullet may have held the throne of up-and-coming Swedish dirt rockers, but with one fell swoop, Rawhide have come along, stolen it and turned it into a filthy, salaciously fiendish perch."

"this is a drunken party ride to the gates of Hell"
-HAILS Webzine

"In the vein of such other brutal Scandinavian punk rock heavyweights as Hellacopters and Turbonegro, Rawhide carve out a niche with their blackened sensibilities and  relentless rock riffs."

"Sweden is the land of origin of many rawk ‘n’ roll bands, who keep the legacy of MC5, The Stooges, and others like them very much alive. Also in this line you can place Rawhide; energetic garage punk rock ‘n’ roll is fired at the listener, hitting target as a raging thunderstorm."

In an age where bullshit bands rule the American airwaves, one may be led to believe rock'n'roll is on life support if not dead already. Thank god for Sweden however! Over the years Sweden's greatest export has been high voltage rock'n'roll: HELLACOPTERS, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, BACKYARD BABIES, NOMADS... and now RAWHIDE.

RAWHIDE's 'Branded For Life' is a full-throttle race down the highway to hell whilst making pit stops at every sleazy bar, strip joint and sanitariums along the way. RAWHIDE features members of Bestial Mockery, Kill and Protector.

Fans of Turbonegro, Gluecifer, Hellacopters, etc. take notice!

Pressing Info:
100x Clear/Blue
400x Black
Includes digital download card

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